Europe Regional

London, UK | April 1st-2nd, 2017

MLH Prime: Europe Regional, April 2017

On April 1st - 2nd, 2017 hundreds of the most creative and inspiring student hackers from the Europe Region will converge at the MLH Prime: Europe Regional in London, GB. There they’ll team up, learn about bleeding edge technology, and build amazing projects over the course of 24 hours.

For hackers at MLH Prime, hacking is an art form. It’s about creativity, self-expression, and proving to the world that you could really build something amazing in a weekend. Hackers can expect to have access to the latest and greatest technology, world class mentors, and some of their most talented peers from around the world.

So, what are you waiting for? Sign up and discover hacking again.

The Venue

Bloomberg LP
City Gate House,
39-45 Finsbury Square,
London EC2A 1PQ
Directions | Website

MLH Prime Europe Regional 2017 is proudly hosted at the Bloomberg HQ in London, England. It's a historic venue that has been integral to the European student hacker community since its inception having hosted two famous events: MLH Launch in Sep 2014 and MLH Hackcon in Sep 2015. We can't wait to be back.

Getting to Bloomberg HQ is pretty simple. By train, it is 3 miles from London Euston/King's Cross/St Pancras. By flight, it is 11 miles from London Heathrow (LHR). You can also fly in Gatwick (LGW), City (LCY), Stansted (STN), Luton (LTN) or Southend (SEN).

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You've got Questions. We've got Answers.

Interested in attending MLH Prime: Europe Regional 2017 this April? Here's some questions & answers.

What is MLH Prime: Europe Regional 2017?

MLH Prime: Europe Regional 2017 is the regional event during the Major League Hacking (MLH) 2017 Hackathon Season. Hundreds of students from all over Europe will converge in London, UK to team up, learn about bleeding edge technology, and build amazing projects over the course of 24 hours.

Does MLH Prime: Europe Regional 2017 cost money?

Participating is free for all student hackers. The event is funded by sponsors who provide useful technology and awesome job opportunities.

Who can participate in MLH Prime: Europe Regional 2017?

Any hacker who has participated in a Major League Hacking (MLH) event in the Europe Region during the past year is eligible for MLH Prime: Europe Regional 2017. If you haven't been to an MLH event yet, we encourage you to check out our 2017 Hackathon Season schedule. If you just graduated, have no fear. We will have opportunities for your company to sponsor or for you to come as an independent mentor or observer!

What's so special about MLH Prime: Europe Regional 2017?

Major League Hacking (MLH) works with hundreds of student hackathons every year and we're bringing together the best ideas out there to make this a hackathon that will be out of this world. MLH Prime: Europe Regional 2017 is the amalgamation of the brilliant minds of hundreds of the world's finest student hackathon organizers.

Why is MLH organizing MLH Prime: Europe Regional 2017?

We want to bring together hackers from around the region to celebrate their achievements over the past few seasons. We see hackers in many cities, states, and countries; we want to ensure they connect on a regional level.

How do I get to MLH Prime: Europe Regional 2017?

You will need to make your own way to London for the event. We are extending travel subsidies to selected hackers based on application requests. If your application is accepted, the e-mail you receive asking you to confirm your invite will also contain information on whether or not you are receiving travel reimbursements. If so, it will specify the maximum amount you may be reimbursed for.

Does MLH Prime: Europe Regional 2017 have a Code of Conduct?

Yes, all attendees, sponsors, staff and volunteers at our event are required to abide by the Major League Hacking Code of Conduct.

What happened to the other MLH Prime events?

With over 150 events, the Spring Semester of the 2017 Season is largest Hackathon Season ever. Due to the amazing growth we've seen in the number of events and hackers, running an MLH Prime event every other month was too ambitious of an undertaking for our small team. We've decided to focus our resources on supporting the amazing season events for now.

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